Thursday, June 2, 2011

Amazing Body Paint

Its an art to paint over body as per need to make fun,
to show something interesting and also to enjoy.

Can You Spot The Woman’s Body In This Very Picture Of A Leopard ?

The Creature’s Eyes, Cheeks And Chin Have Been Painted Onto The Floor
While The Back Of A Lady Volunteer Forms The Rest Of Its Face
Her Bottom Is Used As The Big Cat’s Nose And Top Lip
 Wonderful.. Some Paintings Use Only Human Volunteers
 Amazing..  while on others, Painter merges them with backdrops to give the display depth.
Some of the Creations are so complex.
It’s difficult to work out where the Bodies Start and the Background Begins.

American Artist Craig Tracy from New Orleans has created a collection that could be regarded as some of  The Best Body Painting In The World, including a Sunflower
.Egyptian Themed Art

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